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Kristin Clarke

One of the few Tomorrow Girl agents from outside of the US, Kristin Clarke was born in Southampton, UK, and raised in Hyde Park, London, and being a daughter of London privledge, went to the better schools, graduating from Cambridge a year ahead of schedule with a degree in Linguistics, and a sizeable number of credit hours studying long dead languages

Her talent for wrapping her jaws around archaic phrasing brought her to the attention of the Agency, and she was recruited while on a Stateside trip to New York "on holiday."

With some help from Thai, and Dr. Lender, Kristin can speak most dialects of most languages spoken most often in most parts of known space. Not to say that she always gets it impeccably correct, but sheââ¬â„¢s better at it than anyone else, and has even been known to teach Thai a thing or two.

Kristin is also quite adept at hand-to-hand, martial arts, and a pretty fair shot with a projectile weapon. Don't hand her anything with an energy emitter on it though. For some reason they fluster Kristin, and she's been known to do almost as much damage to friend as foe with those. All things considered, Kristin is a great close-quarter partner when the chips are down, and she fights with heart, with spirit, and considerable panache. Back to the Cast Page
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