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Deirdre's biggest problem is that she doesnââ¬â„¢t have a last name. Well, at least, that's the root of much of her problem. Deirdre can't remember her last name. Deirdre doesn't remember much of anything that happened before she sort of woke-up in a wheatfield in a place called "Nebraska" being chased by a couple of plasti-girls.
And, much of what happened after that, Deirdre can ascribe simply to her survival instinct. The truth is that Deirdre is, as the psychiatrists who used to treat her termed it, "Street Rat Crazy." That is to say, she's criminally insane. This they knew when they put the straightjacket on her, and parked her in her rubber room at the asylum after she killed her family and was found wandering naked through the streets of Omaha with a knife in one hand, and a broken bottle in the other

Then there was that name problem again, because Deirdre isn't actually her legal, given name. Deirdre is simply what she prefers to be called. And she thinks that having two names (or even three as some people do) is just too much to bother with. After all, there's one thing of which Deirdre will assure you--you will not forget her, and that she is truly unique.

The Scillation patrol which cherry-picked her from the asylum one cold February night, had never encountered or studied a crazy person before. Deirdre was their first. And it took them no time at all to figure out that she was different, because 30 minutes after they unbuckled her jacket and tucked her away in the cabin they had for her on their cruiser, she killed five of them, and strew their body parts throughout the engineering spaces.

Their scientists put Deirdre into a re-education facility on the homeworld, and after some very hard and excruciatingly painful lessons were taught to her, and learned by her, she was able to control her most homicidal urges, and acquired a taste for acquiring. What you ask? Oh this, that, and some of that other over there. A cross between the insatiable curiousity of the Scillation, and what was left of her criminal consciousness were merged and what was left was Deirdre: The Insatiable.

After another couple of years flew by, they understood their mistakes, and dropped her off on a barren little rock out in deep space for her to live out her life alone and in peace. Well. Scillations are not known to be error free. And what would happen after that would confirm this to most of known space. Back to the Cast Page
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