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Richard Templeton (dragonrider33) says:

It would seem the honored guests:

A) Do not believe the story as told.

B) Do not trust Lassiter

C) A & D

D) Don't want the perps located because of the above, or the perps are part of a Navy Black Ops operation.

Wheels within wheels within a puzzle wrapped in a conundrum.

Richard Templeton (dragonrider33) says:

Blood thirsty little thing isn't she? I am now offficially starting to question Lassiters motives and agenda

David Dahlbacka (daviddahlbacka) says:

These women's mouths look very weird. Maybe you should fix that.

Richard Templeton (dragonrider33) says:

Does this mean that the LT done gone and PO'd all of Lassiters employees? When will the man himself make an apperance or is he following the tradition of Robin Masters and not being ever seen?

Marc Engel (talentbuyer) says: David, I don't really know what you mean. Yeah, in these frames they aren't pretty, but then, they're, um, pissed off. There are limitations to the 3D Mesh models I'm working with so depending on your specific complaint, I may or may not be able to address it.
Marc Engel (talentbuyer) says: Hello there, Dragonrider. The guy's around. We'll discover soon why he's a bit, reclusive.
David Dahlbacka (daviddahlbacka) says:

Marc: On the left, Jan's mouth looks like she only has her front two teeth and her tongue is oozing through the gaps to the left and right.

I'm remarking on this because ordinarily, the girls are pretty tasty.

Marc Engel (talentbuyer) says: David, Well thanks for pointing it out. I took the image under extreme mag and it turns out that it's just that her lipstick is worn away from the corners of her mouth. But you're right--it's not attractive. I'll revist the images when I have time.
Richard Templeton (dragonrider33) says:

Why do I suddenly think something isn't totally kosher here this is beginning to have more angles and sub plots than the law allows.

Marc Engel (talentbuyer) says: It's true. We're over the legal limit. But plot-stacking isn't a felony. At least not today. :)
David Harris (moviesign) says:

I'm lovin' the quick rundown of the backstories.  Thanks

David Harris (moviesign) says:

Might I suggest that you put each of these cameos on your Cast page?  It would sure help a reader keep everyone straight.

Samuel Bronson Bronson (samb) says:


Huh, odd that we can still see him with time frozen in there... I mean, if time isn't passing, how are the photons getting in and out?

I would kind of expect there to need to be some kind of (temporarily) opaque barrier around the inside of the box, like in Ringworld...


Marc Engel (talentbuyer) says: Samuel, I read Ringworld (and also the Forever War) and I know the phenomenon to which you refer. The technology that our friends employ is a variant which Agent Bell learns later in the story as he pieces his missing memories back together. Thanks!
Scott Holman (scootwhoman) says:

Expatriates often are working undercover for their government.  But sometimes they do some work on the side for themselves.

The resources Mr. Lassiter has are beyond belief, unless he is being supplied with technology and wealth from off-planet.

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