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About Tarquin Engine

Payment Instructions

The Tarquin Engine can be purchased via PayPal for $19.95. Alongside the ability to download the engine’s template FLA file, your $19.95 buys you access to a detailed series of instructions on how to use the engine and a year’s subscription to this website. During that year, any further tutorials or updates made to the engine will be downloadable from this site for no extra charge.

After the first year, existing subscribers can continue to receive the benefits of site membership for a reduced rate of $5.95 a year.

The Tarquin Engine is a tool for the creation and delivery of zooming infinite canvas webcomics. In it's current form it exists as a series of Action Script routines within a Macromedia Flash FLA file.

To use the Tarquin Engine you will need a copy of Macromedia Flash MX or MX 2004. A 30 Day trial of the latter can be downloaded for free from Macromedia's website.

A reasonable level of familiarity with the basics of Flash is necessary in order to work with the Tarquin Engine.

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