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I wanted to do one of these when I first started drawing my comic, but I figured it wouldn't go along with the strip format. Of course, now that I've switched to pages.... ^_^

Yeah, I gave into every webcomic artists tempatation to redraw the first few strips/pages/whatever. If you're wondering why it's in a page format, well, let's just say that once you guys catch up to my buffer (ph34r my l33t buff3r of aw350m3n355!) you'll see why. =)

Also, if you want to see the original first page, (although why you'd want to is beyond me) here it is:

The second of my redrawn early strips for your viewing pleasure. Once again, a vast improvement, in my mind. However, if you still want to look at the old one, it's new home is here:


The mystery of the strange scrap metal deepens..

You know, it's actually kinda satisfying redrawing this old material. I probably wouldn't have bothered if it wasn't for the fact that I'd like to be able to publish this in book format one day.

Imagine... you're blissfully shopping in the mall, and suddenly, out of nowhere, tons of debris fall onto your shopping cart, squashing it flat. That's got to suck.

Yeah, he was asking for it.

What else would you expect to find in an alley with a trash bin in it, other than a talking rat?


Sorry it's late, I'll try and do better next time. And, by the by, the fact that the dragon can change size has nothing to do with any desire of mine to draw him smaller. I added it because it just makes sense, cause, how else is a dragon that big supposed to fit into a door? ^_^ Edit: Oops, forgot to make the squirrels hair black. *Tinkers with the strip* There we go, much better.

Frogmage (frogmage) says:

The plot thickens! Looking forward to the next update. :)

(The face expressions are really good.)

Frogmage (frogmage) says: I completely agree with the Humanoid. To the mall! :D
Ben Reddersen (ben_r_r) says: Nah, it'd be cool! I hate shopping carts.
Taylor Nielsen (taylor) says: Thanks. ^_^ The second panel is my favorite here, mostly because it was fun to draw.
Brock Paine (brockpaine) says: Fun fun!
Frogmage (frogmage) says: Ah, the Nomad. It reminds me of Freelancer....well done!
Taylor Nielsen (taylor) says: Urgh. Grfminglemingle. I'm not feeling so good today, so there won't be an update, sorry. I'll also be gone all of next week, so I'm afraid I won't be updating again until the 30th. I know I should be more on top of things, but I'm not. So, Darn. See you all later.
Brock Paine (brockpaine) says: Aw.
Taylor Nielsen (taylor) says: Sorry guys, but there won't be a webcomic today; we were busy moving exercise equipment and other miscellaneous stuff for most of the evening, and we still haven't eaten dinner. So, sorry, but I don't have the time right now. Gosh, it's almost becoming a weekly comic here.
Taylor Nielsen (taylor) says:

Ah iz not dead.

Just so you know.

Webcomic will resume shortly.

frong like (fronglike) says:

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