Jax and the Hellhound #1

updated daily (Monday through Friday)
The comic is created using pencil, 3D graphics and lots of postwork in Photoshop. The book is available now for those who can't wait. let me know what you think.

In 1986 while working for Blackthorne Publishing Dennis Morales Francis created a limited series about a young man who traveled around the world helping the U.S. Government fight the bad guys and helping a canine demon keep the really bad creatures from entering our dimension.

Jacob (Jax) Marosco is mentored by Mulu a Dimensional Occult Guardian. The three issue storyline centered on the demi-god Jareda who wished to attempt a resurrection in our dimension. Jax and Mulu are committed to stopping him at any cost; including their lives.

The story covered the war on drugs, mysticism, and a romantic relationship with an older woman. Jax and the Hellhound was part of Blackthorne Publishing’s pro black and white lineup. The Jax and the Hellhound series has been resurrected by Dennis Morales Francis as a full color graphic novel series.
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