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Teaman really enjoys working as a sidekick with the Freedom Ringers. It allows him to be near his secret love, Blue Ribbon, ain’t that sweet? ... more
T-Wrench was the prototype for a lined of failed action figures: the Dinotools!!! He also works as a sidekick with the Freedom Ringers, mostly because Teaman expects him to pay his share of the rent, the unreasonable jerk. ... more
Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon is one of the most successful superheroes in the Freedom Ringers. She uses her wrist ribbons to entangle villains. Her feelings toward Teaman? Ah c’mon, that’d be telling. ... more
Bulkorr was granted his powers after touching a meteorite. He assumes that he has been granted the mantleof space god-hood by the space gods. He’s a little vague on which space gods, but aren’t we all? ... more
Night Light
Night Light shines light into the dark corners. His underwear is assumed to be made of sandpaper. ... more
Liberty Bill
Liberty Bill really loves America. He hopes to one day achieve the American Dream of being able to move out of his parents’ home. ... more


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