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Sundays (more often when I can)
I also posted the rough draft of this page over in "My Sketches."   Thought you might like to see how lousy it looks before I clean it up with a retracing and inking.

I've been using highlighter markers to rough in the figures and even in the retracing for larger figures.  The lines are a little thick, but they don't scan at all in black and white mode.  I'm tired of erasing and missing some of the lines.

Also, since the craft store was out of drawing ink, I bought some calligraphy ink.  Big mistake.  The calligraphy ink is a LOT more watery and my lines would bleed too much.  Luckily I had enough regular drawing ink ("India Ink") that I was able to mix the two.  So now it is flowing nicely, but at least it my lines aren't bleeding.  Once I used some Chinese calligraphy ink that a friend gave me.  That was really nice stuff, had a really neat smell, but it wasn't water soluble.  It bled when I used my white paint to make corrections.  Still, I've seen some Japanese inks (sumi?) at another store and may try that some time.

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