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Tanuki Chan
A hyperactive gamer with never-ending energy. She has been playing games since she was four years old. ... more
Tatterdemalion (aka "Tatter") met Tanuki in seventh grade. She likes anime, writing lemons, and yaoi. ... more
Captain Fabulous
A senior in high school and Tanuki's classmate in Guitar II when they met. She also doubles as CAPTAIN FABULOUS! ... more
A manifestation of Tanuki's sarcastic side---and from her brief obsession with Steve-O of Wildboyz. ... more
Another 7th-grade friend. She's probably the most Catholic gamer ever. ... more
A senior in high school. The artist of "Swedish Fish." ... more
A girl-scout buddy who loves graffiti and skateboarding. ... more
The first sister to join the NGGW cast. ... more
Tatter's current boyfriend. He wears these awesome/funky shirts. ... more
Supporting Cast: Alejandro Chii Jessica Ryan
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