That Monkey Tune
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Elliot is a cheeky, impulsive, and impatient little monkey who likes to watch TV, eat cookies, and sleep. Elliot wants it all, right here, right now...without having to work for it, of course. ... more
Beagly (bee-glee) is a sophisticated little monkey who likes to think deep thoughts. He enjoys fine grape juice, bubble pipes, and curling up in his wing back chair with his favorite book. ... more
Dadoo (dÄ-dÅÅ) is a hard worker who gets no breaks, little pay, and even less recognition. Luckily, he has Elliot to liven things up for him around the house. ... more
Umo (Åm-Å) spends his slovenly days floating between jobs trying to take care of himself and Beagly -- and most importantly, his satellite TV bill. The Umo is so sloppy, he makes other slobs look good. ... more
Supporting Cast: Boss Zeus
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The strip is drawn by Michael A. Kandalaft, a New England-based graphic designer. Michael was born in Boston, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Cum Laude) from Boston University. In 2005, Michael Kandalaft launched his first comic strip, Bananas, which w ... full profile