Mythology ... in a way you've unlikely seen before. Possibly.

Monday - Thursday ... for now.
Everyone needs to feel better sometimes, even a goddess ...
We have two special guests on Pan's Corner today ... everyonesay hello to Tash and Herb from The Bare Pit. Hi, Tash and Herb!
Stephen Crowley (aka Noodtoonist) was kind enough to let me borrow them for the day. Those of you who've read his comics Loxie & Zoot and The Bare Pit may not immediately recognize these two in their un-nude state ... Bare Pit is a naturist comic, and the characters typically go about their daily life sans clothing. This is not as sensationalist as it sounds ... Pan, for instance, would be quite at home there.
It's a good read, and I'd go so far to say that, nude or no nude, it's one of the best comics out there. So if you love me, check it out.

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