Mythology ... in a way you've unlikely seen before. Possibly.

Monday - Thursday ... for now.
This is why you don't do drugs, kids.
Thursday's comic got buffered, so it appears today. I'm going to try to up the buffer this weekend, but mind that I'm writing this a few days in advance, so I don't know what I'll be up to this weekend yet. It seems we'll be going back to a Monday update schedule, with the possibility of an extra comic on Thursday. This will help me keep updates going hopefully through midterms and finals.
I was dubious concerning the presence of what is distinctly not a cigarrette in this comic ... but I've often heard Pan referred to as a "hippie god", so I figure he would've picked up a few new tricks over the last century, especially around the '60s. Seems not even a laid-back nature god can escape the effects of three millennia of binge-drinking, though ... I should clarify that the libido is his own, not a result of substance abuse.
Neither I nor my comic endorses the irresponsible use of drugs or alcohol. The gods of such respective substances would not be likely to reward the abuse their benevolent gifts with higher libido function. Plus, Pan would laugh at you. Sucker.

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