Mythology ... in a way you've unlikely seen before. Possibly.

Monday - Thursday ... for now.
A hippie, a satyr, and a bowl of soup walk into a bar ...
I suck. I really do. I'm really sorry guys.
The story gremlin bit me on the arse last night, even though I knew I was coming down with something, I still stayed up until five in the morning writing like a zombie. Ugh. Ughughugh UGH.
Anyhoo, the characters are new, and not affiliated with Pan's Corner at all. They're from a series of short stories I' ve been planning called "Randomly Bemused". I may turn them into comics someday.
"Randomly Bemused" heralds from way back in high school when I drew comics about me and my two best friends, using our real names. So staying true to formula, the hippie-lady with soup is also named Nikki after myself, though she bears little resemblance to her previous incarnation, and a lot of wishful thinking on the part of her namesake ;)
Oh, and Nimos is just the last living satyr in the world. They met when they were kidnapped by aliens.
Yes. I'm weird. And sick. WHERE'S MY SOUP, DAMMIT?! 

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