Mythology ... in a way you've unlikely seen before. Possibly.

Monday - Thursday ... for now.
He's actually proud of it, too ...
Your patience is fantastic. So as a reward ... you get a new fancy title and disclaimer. Whooo ...
The tree is drawn from a different angle here. Following this new and exciting use of the one background I have ever deigned to do, I have told the tree that it may list this in its resume in the hopes of someday finding better work.
Oh, and if you're looking for a some kind of depth to the punchline ... it ain't there. It's just me making fun of hicks again. I know I shouldn't ... but I live in Cow-Town. There's a truck with hay-bales parked on my street every morning. I'm allowed my fun.
But seriously folks ... who'd ever throw a washboard at someone so perfectly adorable? Can I git an Amen here? 

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