Mythology ... in a way you've unlikely seen before. Possibly.

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a bunch of old art crap from ages and ages ago. Stick around ... once the old stuff's done, we can move on to grand and glorious things.

Utterly insanely sporadic
Jelyan's final version, as of this summer of 2007. Yes, she went through several other incarnations between 2005 and today, but I've little evidence of it. As I think I said before, 2006 was kind of a black hole for art for me, so most of these developments have been from the last year alone.
Major changes from her original transformed-human character to her genuine demon-race character: bigger horns, longer hair, no leather, no mask, and a fanned tail to aid flying. There's also little things like a better character background, different story, etc ... ;P
Alas, the sword must still remain, albeit in a less ... flamboyant form (it's not shown here, but it's much plainer and clunky-looking). Eventually by going through enough of these pics you might be able to discern the importance of the sword. But I'm not telling. Nyah. 

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