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a bunch of old art crap from ages and ages ago. Stick around ... once the old stuff's done, we can move on to grand and glorious things.

Utterly insanely sporadic
You know, this about sums up the whole dang thing. My anime days of high school and androgynous elf-people. I was about seventeen, had just started using circles and anatomy lines in my sketches, and my drawing skill needed a serious kick in the teeth.
This thing you need to know about Randomly Bemused, in ANY incarnation, is that it always contains characters modelled after people I know in real life. This is dangerous business for writer-folk ... most of these people never find out their character has been bastardized, because they'd give me no end of trouble if they did. Some, my very close and good friends, do know and are somewhat understanding. Anyway ... We've got every character here except one, sooooo.... role call!
Bottom left is Tsoa, modeled after my best friend Tanis. She's probably the most accurate here. She looked exactly like that in high school (mind, we were all sixteen or seventeen here), braids, glasses, overalls, the woiks. She still has hair down to her butt.
That's me standing next to her in the "girls rock" shirt (that shirt is still in my closet, back at my mom's place). I did have that poofy hair fo a while, but I had lot of different hairstyles back then and this is what I stuck with for self-drawing purposes. 
 The elf-person is not anyone's character ... he's my muse. Or he was. It was a play on the "Bemused" part of the title, that there was this really feminine elf guy wandering around with a sword that only I could see. I HAD ANIME ON THE BRAIN.
Last, in case you missed her, sitting on the muse's sword is the diminutive Lady Stephicus of Andronicus ... modelled after my friend Steph, who is quite short and was always teased about it by us, her good and loyal friends. She actually really loved this persona of hers, and frequently you'll see her stealing cookies or soemthing cute in the background. 

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