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Okay, I wasn't gonna post this either, but the connection to the current Nikki's hippieness is just too evident here. The soapbox she's sitting on is, in fact, a metaphorical device. Oooh and aah.
I dunno if everyone remembers the Kyoto protocol, which was supposed to cut down the gas emissions for developed countries and slow down global warming. It was an awesome plan. Still is.
Well, my high school social studies teacher at the time, a crotchety old fart who never liked me and I never liked him and there is oh, so much comedic fodder there ... anyway, he passed an article around in class that stated the only way Canada could meet the standards for the Kyoto Protocol was if we all lived in our cellars by candlelight and used no heating and drove no cars, and we'd still fall short. Course, both he and the article were dumbasses and didn't know or care that most gas emissions in developed countries come from industial manufacture, not from individual homes. All drivers and home-owners would have to do was drop the house-heat a few degrees in general and use less gas in the ol' SUV, and most of the weight of Kytoto would fall on big factories and oil production and the like.
Anyway, I drew this and left a photocopy on his desk. Sans signature, of course.
The following year, I actually handed it in to another teacher as part of an assignment. So you could say it was the first comis I ever got "credit" for. Ha ha.

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