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Utterly insanely sporadic
This is all that ever existed of the second incarnation of Randomly Bemused ... it was an uninspired time of my life. In fact, this coincides with first eeklings of Riftwatcher, which wouldn't have a name or much of a story until my first year of college. Note Nikki's new appearance ... Yep, I had a buzz and wore those ridiculous gloves and everything. I call it my sad, pseudo-goth faze. I like the improvements on the Muse, who looks more male now. Tsoa did not have short hair at this time, but I felt her character needed an upgrade too.
The story behind it is this: after high school, I opted to drop out of the business program I was enrolled in and moved in with Jesse (aka D'mitri), since home-life was deteriorating and I wasn't ready nor enthusiastic about going back to school right away. This was not a good time for me. Jesse had gone on a dvelopment project in Costa Rica for three months, which I had decided against since I was supposed to go right into school again, (which I ended up not doing). I can't imagine how much better that year would have gone for me if I'd gone on that trip ... as it was, I spent the time working fast food full-time, sitting in front of the computer looking at X-men fan sites and becoming increasingly alone and depressed. (Hence the total emo-ness of my old geocities site).
So when I began to work on this, Nikki didn't make the same mistake I did. She and all her friends went straight into University together, and the three of them plus Steph and the Muse went and got a house to live in, and she continued her happy existance in her semi-imaginary reality. This my wishful imagination working, while I was living alone in a basement suite and all the friends I'd seen every day in high school were in university with no time for lonely me anymore. I poured my money into comics and DVD boxsets to keep me sane, which I sincerely regret now that I am flat broke and have hundreds of dollars worth of comics crowding up my bedroom.
You'll notice that, in later stories of mine, I seem to obsess over the desire not to be alone for long periods of time, like weeks or months. This is why.
The year wasn't all bad, just the first part of it. After Christmas, Jesse went away again on a sojourn to Japan, and I actually got over myself and started working on my art and stories, went on a trip to Mexico with my family and then visited Jesse in Japan for two weeks, which was one of the most memorable times of my whole life. When he came back, we moved into a new place and I started college at precisely the right time to be swept away over the stepping-stones to becoming an archaeologist, which I hadn't at all intended at the time. A year earlier would have been far too soon for those opportunities to have happened the way they did, and for that I'm thankful for that year I took off. I still wish I'd done Costa Rica though ...
Anyway, there were some good gags for this I still remember that never got done. As they float to the surface, they get recycled into the current RB incarnation, which is set to occur while Nikki (and I) are in University.

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