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Nikki, ever the main character of Randomly Bemused. As I said before, she mirrors me very closely ... I actually drew this to put in the tattoo on her lower back, which is one I'm designing for myself. I'll probably change it a few times before I go under the needle, but this is the one she's stuck with now.
Nikki has spent her whole life being exposed to the weird and the fantistical. At least, to everyone else they're weird, but everyone else's "weird" has become her normalcy. On a visit to Ireland when she was seven, her little brother was kidnapped by leprochauns and she was forced to rescue him with a watergun filled with Jack Daniels. Her parents sent both of them to counselors and her brother eventually believed they made the whole thing up, but since then it was one thing after another for Nikki until she was twelve, and for some reason it all went away.
When she moved out to go to University, six years of normalcy caught up with her, and it's been a mythological whirlwind ever since. So much so that when she finished her first degree in archaeology, she went back for a second in folklore and mythology ... self-defense, you see. She keeps a shelf full of journals and files of her experiences with the supernatural. She's a scientist at heart and believes fully that just because something's mythological doesn't mean there's no rhyme or reason to it. She's like a cryptozoologist and a myth-hunter all in one.
Because her reality is every else's fiction, Nikki tends to keep to herself a lot. She's a bit of an activist with social and environmental awareness and women's rights, and does drum circles and fire dancing in her spare time. She finds comfort in setting herself apart physically and mentally from the people around her (hence the dreads and pagan-hippie look) and doesn't follow a lot of social conformity. She's bisexual, but very nervous about becoming close to anyone; she prefers to live independantly and finds close relationships to be encumbering.
She does become close to one person: Nimos, the satyr who becomes her "partner in crime" as it is, a sidekick on her various supernatural encounters. They become close friends and have a very sexual relationship, and she ends up being more fond of him than she'd have liked. 

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