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Ah ... now this is what I should have posted first. Well, technically I did. I posted it way back in December. Well, it has more meaning for you guys now.
This is the first drawing I did of these characters, the day after I stayed up all night writing the first of their stories, which was called "Bacchanalia", and which turned out so bloody horrible and sappy I refuse even to acknowledge it as cannon anymore. Anyway, the next day I was sick as a dog and drew this instead of a Pan's Corner comic. I thought the idea of Nimos catching his first cold would be cute, and that Nikki would enjoy being all motherly and bringing him soup and stuff. I'll probably write a story about that, as soon as I desire pointless fluff.
Here and in another pic, it shows that he sleeps on a futon. Later on, he will discover the wonders of beanbag chairs and decide a pile of blankety nesting is preferable to a flat human bed. 

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