Mythology ... in a way you've unlikely seen before. Possibly.

Randomly Bemused is currently showing ...
a bunch of old art crap from ages and ages ago. Stick around ... once the old stuff's done, we can move on to grand and glorious things.

Utterly insanely sporadic
Everyone's already see this. You know what it is. Well, I'm sick again, so it gets an honourary reposting.
Alright, for those who haven't seen it ... these are the two main characters from the actual "Randomly Bemused" stories ... or their current incarnation, anyway. A much, much better picture of them is on the banner and the current wallpaper.
RB is bar far my oldest, least produced, most changing comic ever. We'll get into its sordid history once I track down all the image files from six years ago XD 

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