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The fifth and final page in this scrapped storyline. Now would be a great time for something to happen ... which is why it never actually does.
The new storyline for "Huntress" has been hashed out mercilessly over the past two years. It's being partly written up as a plot-segment novel plan, which in the future will suffer further changes. But what's solidified so far is this:
1) These two are REALLY young at the beginning ... like, nine or ten years old. No more boobs for Kendrea, and Tak is ten times as cute.
2) The time era is the same (18th cen Europe), but the story begins immediately in a mythological part of Greece, and the larger world is not explored until much later.
3) Tak has no glasses anymore *cry* ... Kendrea is now an escaped slave instead of a mental patient.
"Huntress" is meant to to set the stage for two other stories I was hashing out at the same time ... a totally different one called "Riftwatcher", and the brand new version of "Acropolis", which will follow as the sequel to both Huntress and Riftwatcher. Confusing ... I know. This is why I haven't gotten it off the ground yet.

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