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Much as I'd like to post these one at a time ... they look too nice and sequential like this ;) These are all very recent, pencil sketches from the summer of 2007. I was very productive that summer.
The two main characters from "Riftwatcher", which serves as a detached sequel to Huntress. Kendrea, Tak, and all of the other Huntress characters make no appearances in this comic whatsoever ... it's story begins in another setting at the very minute the climax of Huntress is reached, and the whole thing takes place almost completely on a different world.
Meet Evian, a young girl who falls through a rift between worlds to a crumbling citadel floating in a void-like space, overrun with the demonic minions of a dark, slumbering god. She encounters Kurodas, a shadowy but gentle recluse who's spent his entire life hiding amidst the shattered ruins. They escape the citadel through another rift to a dying world, seeking refuge among a band of desert-dwellers called the Rikani. The two of them evidently become quite close.
And yes, Kuro is heavily influenced by Gargoyles. Gods, I loved that show.

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