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Also from the summer of 2007. I had a sudden attack of productivity and decided to hash out all the myriad outfits Evee will have over the course of Riftwatcher and Acropolis, and also the changes to her hair and etc.
One of the best ways to make a comic seem more realistic is to have little changes like this. People change their clothes, their hair, their jewellery on a constant basis ... and people's appearances change even unintentionally, depending on where they are or what they've been doing.
These are in more or less sequential order. I'll try to avoid major spoilers:

- The ugly Victorian dress Evee's aunt makes her wear. It's baggy because she has outfit number two on underneath.
- Her street urchin clothes. She's a bit of a hooligan. This is also what she's wearing when she falls through the rift.
- What she wakes up to find herself in after being captured by the demonic minions. They have strange tastes, those demonic minions.
- The outfit the Rikani give her to replace the demonic-minion tramp-suit.
- The same outfit, but with a blanket over it. The Rikani cover up from head to foot when going out into the open sun, which is extremely harsh during the day ... Evee is less orthodox, so she's happy with the blanket.
- Post-Riftwatcher rags, when she's wandering the streets of the Acropolis.
- Her apprentice magician's outfit. Not. Saying. A word.
- A dress that belonged to her mother (I will prolly change it in the future ... I don't really like it)
- Her battle outfit from Acropolis (part Rikani and partly also her mother's)
- The Bacchanalic toga she dons to party-hardy in midway through Acropolis
There's more than this, evidently, so this may get added to. Also, note the scale ... Evee is six heads high, which is compact compared to a regular character's seven or eight. She's short, spunky, and full of it ;) 

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