Mythology ... in a way you've unlikely seen before. Possibly.

Randomly Bemused is currently showing ...
a bunch of old art crap from ages and ages ago. Stick around ... once the old stuff's done, we can move on to grand and glorious things.

Utterly insanely sporadic
Hey ho! And welcome to the official unofficial page of my random meanderings. What you see before you is no small sampling of a single thing ... no, it's an amalgamation of several projects I deviate between at any given time.
We have above characters who are somebody, characters who are nobody, characters from all times more important or beloved than others, all of whom you will eventually get to know quite well.
Randomly Bemused, while being the title of one of these projects and of a series of short stories I write, is also a fitting title for the massive hemorrhage of stuff that will pile here. Since I'm catching up on quite a bit of stuff from over the pasr couple of years, this will update pretty much everyday until I run out.

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