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Taurus, in honour of being my first centaur, got to become a character is Huntress. She and her sister Keres (I know it says "Calys" in the pic ... it's changed) became the first of the Taurides, the female centaur Amazons. The word "Tauride" was taken from the Greek Kentauride, which was the feminine of the Greek word for centaur, Kentauros. The Amazons were always intended to play a part in Huntress, but the addition of female centaurs to their ranks was one of the most crucial plot devices ever added to the story, so these two have a very special place in my heart.
The "Keres", by the way, were female spirits of violent and gruesome death, especially on the battlefield. The word equates with "doom", and they were agents of the Fates.
This was, coincidentally, one of the last pics I ever posted in 2005. From December 2005 to Ocober of 2006, I posted absolutely no art online, and did precious little of it offline. It was a bad year for me, involving a breakup of a long-term relationship, a move to a new house, the loss of a family member to cancer, and a heady bout of depression that barely scraped by needing medical treatment. On the flip, the same year also involved the recovery from said bout and the finalization of my career choice, not to mention a life-changing six weeks on a dig in the Near East country of Jordan. A very big down-and-up, that year.

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