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We're really dipping into the recent stuff ... this is also from the summer of 2007. I think I drew it on the plane while en-route to visit my little cousins.
Unicorns are funny things ... they represent carnal purity, ie, having been sexually untouched as well as pure of heart (I'd assume). Satyrs on the other hand, represent the perfect opposite ... unrestrained carnal lust. Kendrea was raised by satyrs and centaurs, and shares their liberal views on sexuality. So ... Unicorns hate her.
Personally, I've never really liked unicorns myself, not just because of the girliness but for their exalting physical purity. Considering the life of a medieval-era woman, virginity is a little overvalued ... seeing as what comes after sex (childbirth, motherhood, grandmotherhood) is by far more important and productive than whatever they'd do while twiddling their fingers and remaining "pure". I'd find a grandmother and her grandchildren frolicking with a unicorn a much more comforting image.

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