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We continue along the history of Riftwatcher and all versions thereof. This was a second attempt to start it under a new title (the first was"Impact"). "Mimir's Well", named for the well in the roots of the tree of life, guarded by the talking head of the ever-wise aesir Mimir. Odin trades an eye for just one drink from this well, as part of his ever-long quest for knowledge and wisdom.
I'd thought maybe it might be easier to start the story from what happens after Evee and Kuro return from their exploits offworld, since I wasn't entirely sure how that part of the story was supposed to go. Evee winds up a magician's apprentice and helps to run a magic shop called Mimir's Well, so the title of the comic actually had some thought in it this time. Unfortunately, it never progressed past this point either.
I was still calling this part of DiaBox Studios at the time. Fweeheeheehee .... 

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