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And here I was toying around with my main baddy for Riftwatcher. Pay no attention to it ... I certainly don't. I completely ganked it from a book of concept art for Warcraft III. I think this was 2005 sometime.
This guy has an even longer history than any other character ever, I think. Way back when I was thirteen or fourteen, my friend and I used to write stories back and forth for fun (she lived in a different city). Some of those stories featured a villain called the Nameless Paragon of Evil, who lived in a crumbling castle in a realm outside of space and time, and used all sorts of evil creatures as his minions.
When I was groping about blindly for a villain to cast in my comic, I remembered this guy. Most of the early story of Riftwatcher developed from this alone. Needless to say, his original version was much, much different than this sketch, and whatever I finally decide on will be much different as well.
Sadly, I am no longer in touch with that friend. If she ever stumbles across this by chance, perhaps she'll remember who this is. 

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