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Ok, just so people don't think I'm switching to a daily schedule, I'm not.  I might try it next year, and I will use it temporaraly at times (like something I have planned for September) but for th most part, at the moment I have no plans to change from the posted schedule.  I might add something about occational comics on other days, but for now they are the exception, not the norm.

That being said, look for new comics all next week!!!!

On to today's comic, I am really hating the weather.  All week it's been looking like rain.  the weather men said "It's going to rain!" the radar map shows rain heading towards us.  Even last night, on the way home from New Ulm after seeing Revenge Of The Fallen, it looked like rain.  I could have driven home with out headlights on there was so much lightning.  It started raining rather hard on the way home, but about a mile from Morgan, it stopped.

 It's like there is a bubble around the "Redwood Area," the magical place that covers towns several miles from Redwood.  it seems that weather always goes around us, hitting other places and storing up Thor's anger against us, unleashing it in really bad snow and thunderstorms (usually not at the same time) that bombard that "Redwood Area" for days, some times weeks at a time non-stop

Got to love weather along the Minnesota River.

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