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This is something that most peopleknow about,but I'm sure that there is some idiot out there that is rfusing to see Revenge Of The fallen for the sole reason of "They didn't call Megatron Galvatron"
For those who don't know,  in most Transformers continuities, Megatron gets upgraded in some way and changes his name to Galvatron.  Sometimes this requires him to die first, but not always.
The reason he doesn't become Galvatron in Revenge Of The Fallen is simple.  The didn't want to confuse people who didn't know that.  And it was announced  shortly after the admited that Megatron would indeed be in the movie, after several months of saying he wouldn't.
But I'm sure there are some people who are pissed about it just like they were pissed about Prime having flames.
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