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Think about it.  Asside from Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Bumble Bee, the Idiots...I mean twins, The Fallen,and Grandpa Simpson, AKA Jetfire, did any of the characters who have figures have any sort of character development in the movie?  Or even screen time for that matter?  It seemed like most of them were just there.

Hell, Jolt, the "perfect Fit" that they added at the last moment, gets a shout out near the end and is on screen for about 2 seconds.

So lets take a look at the figs I have (as of this post) shall we? Not counting Ransack, Knock Out, and Breakaway, who are extended universe and there for do not show up in the movie.

There is  Soundwave, who mostly floats in orbit, listening in on peoples phone calls and tracking their activities on the net before he decided to poop out Ravage.

There is Rampage, who is on the receiving end of some major Pwnage from Bumblebee.

There is Sideways who, desipite being a rather major character in most continuities he appears in, gets killed in the first 5 minutes with no lines and only transforms for about 5 seconds.

and there is Sideswipe,  who killes Sideways andisn't really seen or heard from or evenm entioned again.

Not doing to well.  LEts see how the Voyager Class figs do.

I have Optimus Prime, whyo gets a lo...Wait a second.  Voyager Optimus Prime is just a repaing of the fig from the first movie. I have him, but that isn't a new "Revenge Of The Falle" figure

I wouild talk about Starscream,  but the is a repaint of the first movie's figure too,which is why I didn't get him.  Why get the same figure representing the same character.  It's not like he is redecoed as the far superior Thundercracker or anything

What's that?

Starscream's is actually a new fig?






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