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H&E - June 2009Bare Manors #6 was originaly published in the June 2009 issue of H&E (a monthly UK naturist magazine - see cover to the right).

As with all these cartoons, I'm working to H&E's publications deadline and usually have some idea of what I plan on drawing for the upcoming issue at least a week or so ahead of time. With the June issue deadline looming (in fact only 12 hours away - yes, with a whole month at my disposal I still leave it to the last minute, sad, I know) I got the idea for the above toon out of the blue and decided to go with it (putting aside the idea I had been nurturing for the last fortnight). This is one of my favorites so far and I think it opened up a whole swag of possiblities for Bare Manors toons - although I won't be overdoing the "Meanwhile, in the future..." theme there will be more of them in the... er... future!

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