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A comic about nudists? Well, yeah! Nudists have adventures too!

Sorry... no updates/stories/pages for 2012

Prudes & Prejudice: ...and so ends the current storyline! Thanks for reading... like a lot of my stories it went off in directions I never quite expected! It seems to have taken a looong time to tell this one, even though I never took any lengthy breaks (apart from a few weeks here and there). Apparently the first page went online on July 20, 2009... so it took over 21 months to work through 90 pages. I really hope you enjoyed them... maybe a going back to the start and giving it a second read through might help with the overall appreciation (or not) of the story (it starts here!). A number of people have commented that this has been one of their favourite stories - possibly due to the nude activism themes rather than the romance angle I saddled it with. Generally though it has generated much less comment from readers than previous stories so I don't know if that reflects a low level of interest or not. Annnyway... phew! It's always a relief to get something like this finished and 90 pages is a lot of pages. Comments and feedback about the comic welcome - via this LJ post or email (unfortunately the forum seems to have died, again).

Next update: Dear patient readers - this post is to confirm what I think many of you have probably already figured out anyway... the Bare Pit has gone into hibernation and there won't be any new updates for 2012. There are a raft of reasons, but to boil it down into the key few:

  • I'm "storied out"... that is to say, I do have stories (and I do not need you to give me any ideas for stories) - I have a bucket load of ideas for stories - I just don't have the vision to tell those stories at the moment (yes, there's a difference and no, having a "better" idea for a story is not the solution);
  • The last story burnt me out - I really enjoyed Prudes & Prejudice, in fact I feel it was one of my best stories, unfortunately it also ground me down and at the time, by the time I got to the end of it I just couldn't wait to get it finished. That happens with all my long stories... usually I recover a few weeks or months later and I have been waiting for the rekindling enthusiasm but it just hasn't been there;
  • Other stuff - I'm enjoying working on other non-nudist projects at the moment (Magellan - not to everyone's tastes, I know) but on top of that my day time work has become much more demanding this last twelve months and (as if I didn't have enough to do) I am currently studying part time... I just literally don't have the time for any extra work, not even sporadic, occasional updates, etc.
So - I'm very sorry, especially to have dragged it out like this for so long with no word at all - in part I think I was waiting to see if my muse would return, but she has not and for the time being I won't be doing any noodtooning. There may be other Bare Pit stories ahead... I've hopefully got a few more years of drawing in me yet... but not in 2012.  I should have been more honest with myself at the start of the year. Your fondness for the characters I've created and your enthusiasm for the stories told through them has been deeply appreciated by me - thank you for your readership! :)

Loxie & Zoot traduit en français ! (translated into French!): here you have it - a French version of Loxie & Zoot! My gratitude to forum regular Cor (and his wife for proofing). Full report on the L&ZLJ/forum (translation).

Featuring Kylie & Mungo...NB: Not an actual image in the                           fan-fic!!!Cedar's fanfic: regular The Bare Pit reader Cedar has written a fantastic piece of fan fiction - The Same Place, but Not the Same Way (pdf download). The story features Kylie the reporter and Mungo as they embark on a challenging journey together. Cedar has done a great job with these characters and told a wonderful story. It's lengthy (about 90 pages) - a perfect way to kill a bit of time. (BTW, it's all text, no art.) Cedar and I both hope you'll enjoy this story - if you do, please don't be shy with your feedback. I'd like to thank and congratulate Cedar for writing this great piece of fan fiction!

Disclaimer: Some readers have pointed out to me the similarities between the fictional Darcy Fitzwilliam character and real-life Andrew Martinez (an American student who, in the in early 1990s, turned up to college classes nude and campaigned for the right to do so). Despite these surprising similarities between the two, this story is in no way based on Andrew Martinez - I only found out about him once this story had started online and I had already been working on P&P for several weeks before that. A very odd coincidence is all I can say! 

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