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Chris Duffy draws a lot of comics. He edits them too.

Sometimes he is paid to write or edit. DC Comics paid him to be an assistant/associate editor for about 3 years and for writing many Scooby-Doo comics, one issue of Superman Adventures, and a story in Batman Chronicles. And for writing much of the big Bizarro Comics anthology. Marvel Comics paid him to write an issue of What If? starring the company's two most famous moustachioed heroes, Dr. Strange and Iron Man. Nickelodeon paid him to be an editor at the wonderful, wonderful Nickelodeon Magazine for 13 years--he was the head comics guy there.

 Today he can be found in a small Hudson River town working in a home office. Would you like to hire him to be an editor or writer for a comics-related project? Try e-mailing him at chris duffy rocks at gee mail dot com. But without the spaces. And spell "gee" as a the letter g. And use the symbol for "at." And use a period for "dot."

You know!

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