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It begins. Again. Just like last time.

In January of 2006, I came upon an idea. In fact, I came upon more than any mere idea; I mistakenly found my way into an entire world, into a play penned by the soul of all that be. It was an epic, sweeping masterpiece; spanning the world that exists outside of all bounds save for those of the imagination. A story retelling real events, but events that only ever took place exclusively within the confines of my mind, wiith ink and pencil acting out the part of living souls and memories. It was to be a ballad starring the concepts and living embodiments of humour, friendship, danger, conflict, and imagination, all contained within the world and the biology they sculpted, being inhabited by unearthly flora and fauna crafted as well in their image, where anything could come to pass, and in time, everything would. A piece of surreal beauty, with its own heart beating along in time with the words on the page and the actions of the players. A story that lived; a story that breathed; a story with a soul and with direction of its own, that would take me anywhere, and ask only that I would show what I had seen to the people in the world around me, to my friends and to my readers, for as long as it would continue.

In lieu of that, here is a comic called "OPED".

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