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So anyway. Every anime ever adapted or created for mainstream consumption amongst the ever-expanding "twelve year old with enough floor space to hold at least $240 worth of merchandise" market since 1990 has featured a main protagonist who, as evidenced by his first scene in the first episode, is always late for school. Ergo, I made the star of OPED be UNNERVINGLY PROMPT. He's always on time. Even if you think he's late, he's still on time.

 ALSO: IMPORTANT NOTE. OPED is largely themed around music. Logically, I implement actual music wherever possible, y'dig? Every time you see that little music note thing on a page, it mean that the song listed is pretty much what would be playing in the background if OPED were a film. In this case, it's "Calm Down" by Optimus Rhyme. Please note that whie I will always try to keep the comic vulgarity-free, the music I will not (such as in this case). I'll also start archiving all of the suggested songs. As in, I'll link to where you can buy the CD unless I can find a legal free distributor (like FreeIndie). Of course, there's always Limewire if you'd rather sample before bying or just don't have the cash or something. That's just as good.

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