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Benjo Welcomes You to the Future

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X. J. Scott (nonoctave) says:

I've traveled back in time and told people about life in the future before. There's no risk to the timeline as it turns out. The inhabitants of a distant time assume you are either crazy or a performance artist.

It's not a big problem if you are taken for an artist. Some cultures even value storytelling traditions. Those are safer to visit. But even so, a story and a piece of silver might only get you a mug of nog, a plate of chicken, and a cot for the night. So bring lots of silver.

When they assume you are crazy, that's you need to watch out. Some cultures have valued coercive control over belief systems. These will imprison, drug, or kill you. It is vital to ascertain the view of the inhabitants of the new time towards alternate perceptions of reality and oral traditions before disclosing that you are a Traveller. Even so, it's wise to present your factual information as IF it is an artistic presentation, in order to provide a safe explanation for those who would otherwise be threatened by exposure to new ideas.

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