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Philippa Rice claims to spend a lot of time making comics and writing stories, but in actual fact, most of the time she just goes to the shop to get biscuits, or occasionally stares into space for long periods of time.

Philippa's most popular effort is My Cardboard Life, which is about Cardboard Colin and Paper Pauline. Philippa's favourite bit is cutting out the cardboard squares, and also drawing on the faces.

 Philippa graduated from university a couple of years ago with a degree in animation. Her animated films have won awards and been broadcast on local television. 

  watch Philippa's animations

 Philippa also writes and illustrates children's picture books. None of them have been published.

This Blog is a good place to visit if you want to see what else Philippa has been up to. She updates it several times a week with illustrations, photos, doodles and more!

You can buy paper versions of Philippa's comics, as well as merchandise and other strange items at Philippa's Etsy Shop.

If you enjoy twitter, you can follow Philippa, her twitter name is thejuzzard

There's also a Flickr photostream if you like that sort of thing.