Marvelous Patric's Swapmeet Items!

Freaks N Squeeks: Sad Little Life
(Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels)
a mere 12 dollars plus shipping.

First FNS Panel Ever, Remastered Shirt
(Clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc.))

Hand-drawn FNS Shirt Clearance!
(Clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc.))
Only $5.00 plus shipping!

Freaks N Sqeeks #2: WMD (Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels): $3.00
Freaks N Squeeks Book 1 (2nd Printing) (Comic Books and Mini-Comics): $3.00
Physic Energy Shirt (Clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc.)): only $19.95 plus shipping!

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A highly talented and annoying cartoonist, who has done many different projects over the years including The Twisting and Aces High for Graphicsmash, he is probably best known for Freaks N Squeeks. ... full profile