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Who works on QM?

Peter Vey-- Hi I'm Peter! I am the creator. No, not of the world, silly, of The Quiet Mule! But enough laughs. Let's get into my extensive autobiography. I started making weird websites when I was eight or nine, and for the most part they were pretty terrible. On my first site, End of the Line, I made a couple of point and click games made up of hundreds of separate pages, consisting of nothing more than links and .gifs. Suburbanal Cuts, my second venture, was much more coherent, and mainly featured some experimental flash animations which I obsessed over. The Quiet Mule was a showcase for my art and writing related projects, but was rarely updated and served as a placeholder for, yes, that's right, the webpage you are viewing RIGHT NOW (and of course). Yes, this website is still mainly made up of me and Chris's artwork, projects, and characters, but we hope to encourage more people to be part of The Small Comic in the future. Aside from SC, I enjoy writing and being outdoors. One day, I wish to possess the oratory skills of Malcolm X and the filmmaking prowess of Akira Kurosawa. However, I'm sure you fine brothers and sisters know that comparing yourself to other people is pointless. So I don't know what I aspire to anymore. Maybe I can just sit at my computer more often and something will happen.

theory on life after death: There's NOTHING.

scariest nightmare: One time I woke up in a sweat after dreaming of a lot of rotating boxes of static energy floating in black space. I told this to my fifth grade english class and they all laughed at me.

celebrity lookalike: Howard Zinn in his early 60's.

first existential realization of nothingness: Walking out of Joe's Video to an empty parking lot.

favorite houseplant: Crassulaceae (look it up; I had to)

Chris Vey-- "This is America" as Barack Obama has so wisely pointed out in one of his poignant speeches. Its true this is America, and I am an artist in America. In my early years, I was surrounded by artists. On one hand this persuaded me to learn to draw and paint. However, it also persuaded me to become an avid consumer of other's artistic endeavours. Art of my own crafting was never my number one concern. It required much less sacrifice on my part to appreciate peoples creativity from a distance and pretend to feel satisfied accomplishing little myself. This habit of mine is dying and I will be glad to share with you my blossoming dreams on this site. You may remember Suburbanal Cuts as being the origin The Small Comic has sprouted from. I was responsible for many a menial task on that site keeping everything neat and tidy while Peter took the brunt of the work. Peter has challenged me to partake in this heavenly place I now call home. It will be a pleasure to meet its demands and inspire whomever happens upon it.

theory on life after death: We manifest as humans, but our spiritual form exists before, during, and after death.

scariest nightmare: My mentally retarded uncle was in my room. He wanted to tell me something but could not find the words. So he started to scream in agony, and all I could do, was watch.

celebrity lookalike: Richard Gere as Bob Dylan in "Im Not There."

first existential realization of nothingness: The first time I heard my father sing to his cat.

favorite houseplant: potatoe plant

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