The Skeleton Show

The Skeleton Show

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A lot of people have some trouble with this one. Vin is watching himself on TV, which seems to be just a few seconds ahead of real life. It's not so complicated, you just need to forget about logic for a few minutes. Actually that's a good way to treat all of my comics: just forget all about logic.


In other news: This is the very first comic I did with the intention of putting on the interweb (excluding Pi day, I actually drew that one 9th). The first three were just for fun and fucking around with ink (no one fucks around with ink anymore) I had no intention that anyone outside my circle of friends would see them. But then they were like, "You should put these on the internet."

So this week's episode was the "Should I put these on the internet? Yeah, fuck it. It's cool to have a website."

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