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This is...probably one of those comics that I think is funnier than it is in actuality.

Enjoy the comic. See you tomorrow!


Justin Maudslien (mr_m) says: It made me laugh out loud.
Nick (nykidemus) says: Only 12 people in the universe are going to get that joke.
Dan (thetricksterking) says:

justin: were your ell oh ells epic? like truly epic?

nick: conveniently, about 3 of them already read this comic. that's a percentage!

Adam (theredfish) says: 4!  Also, is there a doctor in the house?
Nick (nykidemus) says: Naomi will lol. Have you linked her?
b k (weephar) says:

best drink ever

(though i don't get the joke...i am sad :(

KRYS (krys) says: ... you bring "Krys" back... (with great hair, btw).... and it's a joke I don't get... except the blue man is creepy... ::sigh::
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