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This page was fun to draw. Everything is better with dinosaurs, by the way. As Exhibit A, I present the Transformers.

Rock on.


Nick (nykidemus) says: I see what you did there.
Dan (thetricksterking) says: i...drink your milkshake?
Falyne (falyne) says: I think that this comic should be populated primarily by dinosaurs from now on.
b k (weephar) says: wow, i caught up fast...i hadn't read since the end of nov...its easy since you became a slacker (well, i mean a slacker in this area of your life...you were always a proud slacker in other areas)...
b k (weephar) says: Also, danklyosarus is an awesome name for a dinosaur.
Nick (nykidemus) says: It always makes me think of the "Dank" part, and that dankness being applied to Dan's socks. They are dank. Dank dank dank.
Adam (theredfish) says: If he colors this strip later on, it can be purple Dank
K H (kh) says:


The deafence is silencing.


b k (weephar) says:



I hope this comic isn't dead...

K H (kh) says: It might not be dead, but it certainly appears to be on life support.
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