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Currently watching Crocodile 2: Death Roll.

Real winner.

Rock on.


Dan (thetricksterking) says: update on the crocodile 2: death roll situation...been on for half an hour now, and there's been a bank robbery and a plane hijacking. where's the crocodile? they wouldn't forget to include the crocodile, would they? i mean...it's right in the fucking name!
Nick (nykidemus) says: Oh, that's not ok.
Dan (thetricksterking) says: it makes you so happy! happy in terrible ways.
Justin Maudslien (mr_m) says: That can't be what I think it is!  Please merciful lord in heaven don't be what I think it is.  This is the only time I can say I'm glad your comic is not in color.
Dan (thetricksterking) says:

you know you love it.

KRYS (krys) says: I think I might vomit... oops... too late.
Adam (theredfish) says:

Wouldn't it get caught in the fishnets?

She truly is a hooker.

K H (kh) says: Death once more?
Nick (nykidemus) says: Apparently.
b k (weephar) says:


I didn't notice that the first time...had t look a second to see what everyone was talking about...



b k (weephar) says:

Holy shit...that is the last comic...is this how you are gonna leave season 2 and possibly livingwithtoys altogether?  (that would be awesome by the way)

 Glad I caught up (quickly) and hope there will be a revival...

 Great finish other wise :)

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