TVH ||   

age: 18

from: illinois

studying: zoology and harp performance

likes: math, biology, physics, fractals, chemistry, quantum stuff, music, animals, sci-fi, fantasy, karate, drawing, comics, french fries, sour gummy candies, sleep

dislikes: celebrities, romance, religion, slugs, meat, yogurt in a tube

fave bands: they might be giants, dream theatre, my chemical romance, alkaline trio, tool, fall out boy, from here on after, trebeyal

fave number: 29


In case you care, I'm some kinda college student and I'm heading off to Michigan State University very soon, so yay for that. Most of the time, I study and practice music. In my spare time, I draw, read, listen to music, conduct random science experiments, and think up elaborate schemes for success. They never work.

I really hate babies, and I was afraid of clowns before it was cool.