"The Warped Side"

joseph shaw ||   

  My name is Joseph Shaw. Since high school I have been Jo Shaw. I liked it better. I grew up in Roxbury. Won my first Art Scholarship at age nine. Went to The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for classes. During this time I dabbled with cartoons, but mostly thouhgt about Fine Arts. The instructors at The Huseum Art Classes encouraged me in this direction. When I got to high scchool I was an artitic snob. All I wanted to do was fine art. I had completely turned my back on cartooning as a career. I won seven Gold Keys in four years, from The Boston Globe Art Awards. After high school I attende my frehman year at The Mueum of Fine Arts College in Boston. I was still avoiding cartoons like the plague.

    I got married and raised six children, with the help of my wonderful wife. Working tweo jobs did not allow me agreat deal of time for art. My children asked me to draw cartoons for them. Ta! Da!!!!!!!!!!! I had forgotten the joy I derived from drawing cartoons. Soon I was developing characters and creating a strip. I became the staff Artist for two weekly newspapers in Brockton,MA. I drew edditorial cartoons and a comic strip based on my family.(TOO Charlie Brownie!)

I was a Teacher of Graphic Arts for fifteen years. I also cosche Football, Basket Ball and Base Ball. I had a cartooning club and taught cartoooning for 18 years. I teach a summer class at Stone Hill  Summers. I teach Cartooning. I am retired now and draw cartoons for the sheer joy of it.

Phunny happens to everyone!!!!  How yoo dooooin?