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Red Rhodes is the captain of the Border Dawn, a patrol ship that scouts along the UF borders during times of war. Little does Red know that she may very well be the reason this war is won...or lost. ... more
Anahnee D'zin
Anahnee D'zin is a Lady (S'el) of the U'l, the wolflike enemies of the United Frontier. She seeks to destroy anything that threatens her home, her race, and her way of life. ... more
Oliver Katz
Oliver Katz is the helmsman and navigation officer aboard the border patrol ship UF Dawn. ... more
Minerva (Min) Katz
Min Katz is the assistant medical technician aboard the patrol ship Dawn. ... more
John (Azzy) Aslin
Azzy is the security officer aboard the UF patrol ship Dawn. ... more
Herbert 'Pyglet' Pygmaliod
Pyglet is the engineer aboard the 'Dawn' and the only Laprid in the crew. Despite his nickname he is lean and neat in his habits. He has a good sense of humor and is generally an all around good guy. ... more
Tsali Murr
Tsali is the technical director/computer programmer aboard the Dawn. She keeps the ships software system and computer running smoothly and bug free. ... more
Samuel Bullenbeiser
Sam is the first officer aboard the Dawn. ... more
Flip is the combat officer aboard the Dawn. ... more
LACI stands for Lifelike Artificial Computer Interface. She is Tsali's latest project. ... more
Oni Kes
Oni is a U'l, and so far, not much at all is known about him. ... more
Tibous is Anahnee's servant. ... more
Reiko is the Vulpin liason to the U'l, and one of Anahnee's friends...if Anahnee can be said to have friends... ... more

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