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Coming Soon! NightWind!!

Hello everyone! It looks like things are starting up again. Nightwind is due to launch hopefully next Sunday, the 7th of April. It will update once a month with hopefully no major burps *knock on wood*. This is a story I'm very fond of, that I've been writing on and off again for nearly ten years now. I think Kelly has interpreted it fabulously in his artwork and I'm more than grateful to him for his hard work and beautiful pages.


For those of you who were following Border Dawn, my artist had to stop drawing for personal reasons. I did find another artist but he apparently has vanished into the ether. A friend of mine is considering taking up the work so hopefully in the near future you will be seeing a newly redesigned Border Dawn picking up where we left off. I'm sorry for the long wait but sometimes real life will not be thwarted. I assure you, I haven't given up on it and will not. Come heck or high water, BD will run again :)


At any rate, you'll find Nightwind is a much different story than BD. It is dark and disturbing at times. It follows a young elf on her journey through life shortly after she is kidnapped and taken away as a slave. I won't lie to you. Disturbing and greatly painful things happen to her as she struggles to escape the horror she's been thrust into. If and when she escapes, however...does not necessarily mean the nightmare is over.

I'm already planning a sequel to this called RiverWind, so if this takes off rest assurred, there are years worth of material in the waiting.

On a final note, I'm planning on putting up a graphic novel soon entitled Vhantalya. It will be the start of a whole series and is, if I may humbly say, one of my best works I've ever penned. I'm really really excited to see this one come up in print and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. 

Thanks once again to Kelly, to the infinite patience of my fans, and to Dogoforum who has not yet strung me up  though they've had many reasons to do so.  Love you guys!!
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