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So, Wait, What am I Again? ·

So, Wait, What am I Again?

1:  Why do all of my comics look wierd?

Ever heard of this Japanese thing called manga?  Yeah, that's the style I draw in.  You're supposed to read it from right to left.  Try that.  If the comic still doesn't make  

As for why I do everything manga style:  I'm left handed.  Ever seen a leftie after writing some huge essay?  We always get pencil or ink or whatever on our hands.  At least, if I draw backwards, my hand stays fairly clean.  That, and it's fun.


2.  Why don't I have an update schedule?

One word:  college.  I'm really busy right now, so don't expect me to sneak much on here at a time.


3.  Where the heck do I get of some of this stuff?!

Truly, the mind is a powerful device, capable of strange and miraculous things.  Or, maybe I'm just a little off-kilter.  Yeah, that's it.


4.  Why do I talk to myself all the time?

Because it's fun, and I enjoy it.


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